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Now’s the perfect time to read a Rainbow Six Siege Operation Chimera review, as it came out on March 6. It’s been released for PC users as well as for PS4 and Xbox One gamers all over the world. Now we don’t have to rely on rumors, and it’s still new enough that many players are still waiting to get it. 

For those who are new to the Rainbow Six Siege world because the reviews aren’t all that enthusiastic back in 2015, you may want to sit up and take notice. It became much better, and it soon became a runaway success after Ubisoft found its way. The company had just boasted back in December of 2017 that the game has amassed more than 25 million players through the 3 platforms (PC, PS4, Xbox One) and it’s still continuing to grow. Now we’re on Year 3, and the Operation Chimera update offers some serious add-ons to the game. 


The most important addition to the game is Outbreak. This is a mode with a limited time and 3 players going about cooperatively facing infected hordes along the way. It’s a PvE mode that’s somewhat of a departure from your usual PvP mayhem. 

This comes with 5 types of extremely intimidating bad guys, and you have 3 maps at a resort, a junkyard, and a hospital. It’s not so much a zombie war but more like a fight against aliens. It’s very challenging, and with the different types of enemies you’ll have to constantly develop tactics to survive and overcome. 

2 New Operators

Also, the update gives you 2 new operators. They both have rather extensive backgrounds, but they’re basically biohazard experts who come in handy in fighting against the infected enemy. 

There’s Lera Melnikova (“Finka”), who’s a native of Chernobyl and an attacking operator. She has special nanobots that help her and her teammates get a steadier aim when shooting. These nanobots also help in boosting HP. 

Then there’s Oliver Flament, or “Lion”. He’s another attacking operator which may surprise since usually these updates offer both an attack and a defending operator. Lion is from France, and he has an extremely useful drone that’s able to show you the enemy movement in an area. 

Other Additions

The Chimera update offers some changes to help with operator balance. Now Blitz’s stats are being changed, and Ela will receive a nerf. There’s a new Season 3 pass, and the update also includes seasonal cosmetic changes. Some identified bugs have been fixed and there are also some quality of life changes. Ubisoft took away the capability of walking on deployable shields, and melee attacks have been tweaked. 

Outbreak isn’t a permanent mode, and instead it’s an event. This Outbreak is scheduled to run up to April 3, so you better get a move on. In the other hand, it seems like a safe bet that in the future, it will return though maybe in a different form. 

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